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All of our Aquatrax tune ups include only Honda gn4 oils, iridium NGK spark plugs, and Honda or K&N oil filters. Yes we stock the spark plugs, and yes they are expensive, but they sure make your Honda Aquatrax run better and more efficient. We know that virtually no one in the area services the Honda Aquatrax, but we do, and we can come to you and perform it of you like.

BOMBARDIER SEA DOO 4-TEC ENgines and the spark 

Now that all manufacturer's new PWC'S are all basically 4 stroke engines, this service is what keeps these high powered machines in top running condition. No matter what people like to say to sell 4 strokes, or people think, servicing these engines are even more critical than any other PWC engine built before. Remember unlike your car or street bike engine these engines run at near wide open throttle all the time. That means wear and tear. One complete service a year will go a long way in keeping it running the way it did when it was new. At Watercraft Concepts, we can come to you and do the service in just a few short hours. No 2 or 3 week delay at a local shop because we keep in stock what we need to service every 4 stroke PWC made today. No matter the manufacturer, or the model.

Like there competitors, we also keep daily the stock to completely service all of the Kawasaki 4 stroke engines available in the market today. We come to you and make your PWC ownership hassle free.



KAWASAKI 12F AND 15F AND ULTRA 250, 260, 300 and 310 HP ENGINES:

We stock daily the components needed to come to you(or you come to us) and perform a complete service on any of the Yamaha 4 stroke engines included in their fleet. From the base model and rental skis all the way up to the newest SVHO gen 2 engine and TR-1 engine platforms, we have in stock components ready to go. We also service all of the Yamaha jet boats. (VX 110 engines, MR 1 engines, TR 1 engines and both of the 1.8L platforms in those as well. We make this a quick and simple process to keep you in the water, hassle free. 

YAMAHA 4 stroke waverunners and jet boats

Premium custom-patterned covers provide maximum protection and are loaded with features that make the covers easy to use.  Covercraft covers protect against ultraviolet (UV) damage, bird droppings, tree sap and air pollutants - elements that can ruin the finish of an expensive watercraft.

Designed for use while trailering, choose from two marine-tested fabrics that will protect the body, paint and graphics from the elements.  Both materials are made using stable dying processes to assure the color won't transfer to the watercraft, a problem that can occur with low-quality cover fabrics.

​                       A preferred fabric in the marine industry, Sunbrella is made from                                   solution-dyed woven acrylic fibers that provide almost 100% UV opacity to stop UV rays from reaching the gel-coat, graphics, rubber and seating material on your watercraft.  The solution-dyed process is eco-friendly because the color goes into the polymer BEFORE the fibers are extruded, so the color is solid throughout the woven fabric.  Sunbrella is very fade resistant and that's why you'll see it in marinas used for sail covers, bimini tops and boat enclosures, and it's also used for most high-quality outdoor furniture, patio umbrellas and awnings.  The acrylic fibers naturally resist moisture, rot and mildew - for maximum long-term UV protection Sunbrella is the best choice!  Sunbrella covers carry a five-year limited warranty to the original purchaser.  (Covercraft will repair or replace any cover that becomes unserviceable during normal use - subject to factory inspection).

Glen-Tuf™  Made of woven polypropylene by the same mill as Sunbrella, this surface-dyed fabric was developed to provide a less expensive alternative to Sunbrella while still maintaining good abrasion resistance, an important criteria for any material used while towing.  Polypropylene fabric resist moisture, rot and mildew and is coated for UV resistance.  Glen-Tuf is better than most OE and import covers and inlides all the great features noted below.  Glen-Tuf covers carry a three-year limited warranty to the original purchaser.  (Covercraft will repair or replace any cover that becomes unserviceable during normal use - subject to factory inspection).

Watercraft Concepts, your clear choice for any 4 stroke tune up no matter whether it be  sea-doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, or Honda. Just call today and make an appointment. Chances are we can make it by quickly to save you time. Remember our goal is to make PWC ownership as easy as possible for you. 919-946-0080. Or email us at: service@watercraftconcepts.com

We stock daily all the components needed to come to you and perform a complete service (tune-up) on all sea doo 4 stroke models including the NEW SEA DOO SPARK 900, the GTI 130 series, and the original GTX 155 hp engines. Of course we also service the 185, 215, 230 255, 260, and the new 300 hp supercharged PWC'S and sport boats. All services include oil and filter change, new spark plugs, a coolant change, and the hook up to the diagnostic software to look for diagnostic codes and to clear the service lights.